Why Choose WordPress for small business websites

There are many reasons to have a website or blog, it could be to publicise your business or even just keep friends and family updated on your life, websites have become the first resource for finding and spreading information in this digital age. Right let’s get started, there are many different ways to design, create and build a website these days, there are so many cheap website builders out there, all offering you the ability to get your business on the web in minutes and only charging around ten bucks a month to do so. The problem is that while they are simple and cheap, they all have their downsides. See our page on Free Websites & Website builders for more details. The reason they have become so popular though, is that they remove the need to have a website design and development company and this can save small businesses a lot of money, which especially at the start is very important.

A Better Way to Build your Website

Well there is an alternative, another way to design, create and build your small business website without the limitations and without the massive cost. The solution is simple, it’s WordPress. WordPress is the most popular platform or content management system (CMS) there is, it is used to produce all types of website from personal blogs, small local business websites and even large ecommerce websites that sell thousands of products. The major benefit this huge popularity gives WordPress, is that there are now thousands of different plug-ins available for it, that can make almost any task straight forward and simple to achieve.

The other important factor is that it’s FREE, which I know will be music to the ears of all small business owners. Now comes the tricky bit, the reason why not every small business on the planet is using it. A WordPress website, to be successful needs to be self hosted, have a great, well designed responsive theme (the look and style) and needs to be configured with all the necessary plug-ins installed and then most importantly marketed so that it actually attracts new visitors and customers for you.

Here at Website Design, Create and Build we are going to run you through the whole process of getting your WordPress website up and running, as well as how to start attracting and converting new customers, and what’s more we’ll show you how to do all of this without spending a fortune. The hosting, themes, plug-ins and SEO I’m going to recommend and show you how to use, will only cost you around £100 ($150).


WordPress.com v WordPress.org

Before we go any further, I just want to clear up some possible confusion. There are two types of WordPress websites, hosted and self hosted or WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Firstly there is WordPress.com, this allows you to build a WordPress website that they host for you, this is similar to the other website builders and although it is free, it still has similar disadvantages to other free websites.

WordPress.org allows you to download the WordPress software for FREE and then install it on your own hosting, this is called the self hosting solution and has huge benefits but does come with the cost of running your own hosting (typically a couple of bucks a month).

This guide is dedicated to the self hosted website option, as it gives businesses much more control and flexibility for only a small additional cost.

Below I have laid out in order, all the guides you will need to build your WordPress website. We’re going to cover everything from choosing a domain name to marketing your website with SEO and social media. LETS GO!

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