Choosing the best Hosting Company for WordPress

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

As with domain name re-sellers there are hundreds of hosting companies to choose from, but there are a few differences that set some hosting companies apart from the others. We recommend a hosting company called TSO host, not because they’re the cheapest (they’re no more expensive than the others) but because they are rated very highly for service and support. You will only find out how important this is, when you have a problem with your website and then believe me you’ll be happy you chose a good hosting company with world class support.

The support is not the only benefit they have to offer, if you already have a website or domain name with another company they will migrate your domain name for you to their hosting for FREE. It’s not the most complicated job but it can be a pain and it’s just one less thing to worry about. They are also WordPress experts and include a simple one click installer program that allows you to install the WordPress software for your website in seconds. Click here to register your domain and setup your hosting package.

Cloud based hosting

TSO hosts offer cloud based hosting so you know your website is going to save, secure and reliable. The other main benefit of cloud based hosting is that you will never run out of resources (processor or space) as you can just keep adding to it.

Why TSO host

Free daily backups, TSO host offer free daily backups on all their cloud based hosting packages. No longer do you have to risk losing your website or pay extra monthly charges to make sure it’s backed up properly. It’s all part of the package at TSO.

One Click Installer

Once you have completed your domain name registration and setup your hosting package, you can use the TSO host One Click installer to load WordPress. Your website will now be live, if a bit empty. Ensure you save your access password at this point, we will cover setting up users and new passwords in a later guide. This is also a good point to setup your main email addresses in the host configuration screen.

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