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Free Lunch - No Such Thing

Free Websites & Website builders

Free Websites & Website builders could cost your Business

It seems that everywhere you turn these days there is another new company offering a free website builder that will allow you to publish your business website. Well, which one should you go for? The answer is straight forward, none of them! If you need a business website then you will be a lot better off paying for one, rather than trying to save a few bucks, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for, and websites are no different.

Free websites can cost you in the end

If you’re looking at completely free websites, there is going to be a catch, and the biggest one, is not owning your own domain name. While this may not be important to you if you are just using your website to tell friends and family about your around the world trip, businesses need to make sure they do not go down this route. Building a website is like building a shop. You wouldn’t spend lots of time and money building a shop on someone else’s land and allowing them to have control over your business. Allowing them to be able to advertise your competitor’s right in your shop window, and knowing that if you need to move you would have to knock it down and start again from scratch, you wouldn’t even be able to tell your customers where you had moved to. Many businesses have started with these free websites only to find that after spending lots of time and money publishing their website and building a brand, they have had to start all over again.

Free Lunch - No Such Thing

Low cost website builders

There are even more companies offering these types of websites, you know the ones. Get your business online in 15 minutes for only £10 per month. The benefit that these have over the completely free ones, is that you will own your own domain name, meaning that if you decide to move to another website company, you will not lose everything you have worked hard for. Despite this, I would still not recommend your small business chooses one of these because of their limitations. Although you will be able to keep your domain name, if you wish to move from the website builder for any reason, such as their support or that they had shut down, then you would have to redesign your website as they own the templates that your website is built on. Owning your own website design is nearly as important as owning your own domain name. The other downside to these website builders is that to make them simple they restrict the options you have for your website, unlike WordPress that has a choice of plug-ins for almost every option, you will be limited to the ones they offer. Small business websites like the small businesses themselves evolve and while they may offer the options your business needs at the moment, this may not be the case in a few months time.

The best low cost option

We have dedicated this website to advising small businesses on the best choice for designing, creating and building a website and we believe that the right choice is WordPress. WordPress is the most commonly used system to build a website and when you choose the self hosted option, you have full control of the future of your website and business. What does it cost? I bet it’s more expensive and it’s difficult to use. Well you’ll be happy to hear NO, WordPress itself is FREE and the cost of hosting is only a couple of pounds a month, add to this the Elegant Themes template package which only cost $69 and you will have a fully operational WordPress website with easy to use drag and drop designs that give you full control and the ability to add features and plug-ins that will make your website do almost anything that your business needs.

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