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Adding Images

There’s nothing like a nice picture to liven up a page, but you should avoid low quality images altogether. It is better not to have an image than have a poor one, readers expect quality from your website. You might have a beautifully written article that covers the topic in a new and insightful way, but by adding a low quality image to will turn off your audience, sending them back to the search engines looking for an alternative site. There are many sites out there like Sutterstock were you can purchase high quality images for a small charge.

While great high quality images look good to readers they mean nothing to search engines. Search engines can’t see the picture or understand why you have put it on the page unless you give it a description. The alt or alternative description tag is what the search engines are looking for to tell them what the image is all about. It is often said that picture paints a thousand words, well this is certainly not the case as far as the search engines are concerned. Many website builders forget to fill in these tags or just use one word to describe the image. Imagine you have a picture of you driving a Ferrari around Brands Hatch race track and using then using the word “car” to describe it. Search engines as certainly not going give your picture much weight or value, but if your page is about a Team building day at a race track and your picture has a description of “me driving a Ferrari a round Brands Hatch on a team building day” you can see how the search engines are going to take note.

How Many?

Well this is mainly down to preference, I always think that there should be at least one, but just adding them because you can’t think of any more text to write will not get you anywhere either. As with most on-page aspects the best way to decided is to think will this add to the reader’s experience of the page, if it does then add it. As I have said in other articles, Google is looking for great content that engages readers, so anything that improves your page content and keeps the reader on your webpage longer is going to be seen by Google in a positive light.


Videos are great and give a brilliant user experience, but they can do much more than extend the amount of time a visitor stays on your website. They can actually send high quality traffic direct to your website from YouTube. YouTube now has so many visitors and searches that it’s the third largest search engine in its own right. This means creating a great video that ranks well in YouTube can be just as important as any other channel, such as organics, email or social media.

The problem is that videos cost money, take time and depending on what platform your website is built in, they can be difficult to integrate so they re size for mobile and tablet users. Well with a responsive WordPress deign from Elegant themes at least the last on won’t be a problem for you.

How to create a video for you Website

Firstly and most expensively, you can have a design company produce them for you, but with standard costs of two to three thousand pounds per video this is probably not an option for most small business websites. There are other options though, and some of them are cheaper than you would think.

Screen capture videos – there are many good screen capture packages out there, that will allow you to make demonstration “How to videos”. The one we like the most and in fact use ourselves to produce videos for this website Their Free software gives you access to all the features you need to make a stunning video of up to 5 minutes long.

Go animate – This low cost video creation package allows you to simply build animated videos for your site, as well as adding speech from their partners, which is great if you do not like the sound of your own voice. Prices for their premium plan are reasonable at $79 per month. We will be covering this service in a full review, coming soon to our blog.

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